I am an artist that creates work with people and responds to living in this old country.

Depending on how you know me, you might also describe me as Director of Artspace in Coventry (see www.city-arcadia.co.uk and www.coventry-artspace.co.uk), a curator, performer, project manager, producer, charity shopper or keeper of personal collections.

Usually I define all of these things as my ‘projects’ (www.lauraelliottprojects.co.uk). Through these projects I find the artistic ways and means to explore and tell peoples’ stories; sometimes this is performative, sometimes this is visual. It always begins with research in a library and often includes reflective time in graveyards.

Other projects have included co-curating Expo Festival of Performance & Live Art and other events in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, ‘the Museum of May Savage’; celebrating a lady who moved her house, brick by brick from Hertfordshire to Wells-next-the-Sea and ‘Project 42’ with Talking Birds at mac, Birmingham; a bespoke-made-shed-residency exploring the history of mac’s construction through 1960’s international volunteer camps.

Currently I’m working with the ‘Curators of History’, made up of residents and volunteers in Rockingham village, just outside Corby in Northamptonshire. We are devising creative projects that respond to the village’s fascinating evolution as an agricultural hub, historic market towne and as part of the Rockingham Castle estate.

My dream is to open a museum one day, let me know if you’d like a conversation about that.


Twitter: @meandthequeen

If you’re interested in discussing a project idea, collaboration or opportunity please see the Contact Me page.


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