When speaking at the Creative Pie conference a few weeks ago, I made a rosy-cheeked confession that I hadn’t updated by personal blog since January. This was received with some interest, given the talk was about if artists can also be business minded and the two previous speakers had plugged self-promotion online as an essential tool for achieving creative business success.

Frankly, there’s just been so much news to share since January that I’ve had to create new ways for people to stay in touch with what’s happening. There’s a dedicated blog and Facebook page to discuss and share information about Artspace’s City Arcadia programme (the project set up with Lottery funding received from Arts Council England in January).

Artspace’s Artistic & Building Coordinator Matthew Macaulay has built us a new Artspace website since joining the organisation in June.

…And the work that I’m doing in Rockingham Village is shared on the heritage blog set up with the local history group. All of these projects have mailing lists and WordPress follows that can be joined via the blogs.

If you’d like to stay in touch more directly you can follow me on Twitter and I do also check in on Facebook from time to time.

Inevitably I’ll get around to some more specific project blog updates with interesting images – probably over the Christmas period when there’s some time for catching up online. In the mean time I’m sharing this image of myself and Co-Curator of the City Arcadia project Michael Mayhew with second year Architecture students from Coventry University working on Urban Planner David Rudlin’s Looking & Seeing residency in October; part of a series of lead in events and conversations taking place until January 2015 called [IN]Site. There are two events coming up in January so please check them out and come along if you’d like to know more.

Finally, I’d like to invite you all to Artspace’s Annual Open and Coventry’s best art Christmas party (even if we do say ourselves!) on Thursday December 11th, 6-9pm. Directions to Artspace are on the website. Hope to see you there and celebrate the end of 2014 over art, archives from the year and a glass of something spiced.


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