AIRMAIL / авиапочта  has now been posted (whew!). The resources that I selected to send with the stamps were:

  • A signed copy of the script for ‘Coventry’ by Chris O Connell of Theatre Absolute
  • Other Coventry <> Other Volgograd exhibition information from Talking Birds. You can read more about this here
  • Photographs and information about the book of signatures sent from Volgograd’s women in 1942. With thanks to the Coventry Local Study Centre at the Herbert.
  • Copy of the tablecloth made by Coventry’s women in 1943, presented at Coventry Council House to the Mayor of Stalingrad in 1947. With thanks to the Study Centre.
  • Virtual Tablecloth / Twin 60 project information from Talking Birds. Information about that here.
  • An art map of Coventry, drawn by me for the ARC Symposium: the artist behind the city, on May 17th. Get your ticket now here.
  • A list of all the spaces for visual art, performing arts and heritage in Coventry with a rough guide on each written by me.
  • The exhibition information and two magnifying glasses.

Below is the ‘dispatch’ gallery, with photos by Amber Merrick-Potter

I leave on May 7th which means over the next few days I’ll be ordering rubles (RUB) and putting things in place at Artspace for whilst I’m away. Stay up to date on all of that news via or @CovArtspace.

On Wednesday I have a meeting with Coventry City Council’s Leader John Mutton to find out more about the formal proceedings for my visit so I’ll know a little bit more about the visit by then. Watch this space!



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