I’m starting to think about useful research information that could be sent to the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts as part of the rapidly developing Airmail / aviapochta exhibition.

Part permanent record of artists making work in Coventry now (see my last blog), part resource to fuel conversations and collaborations between the twinned cities and part 2013 time-capsule, the research information will need to tell people from Volgograd about Coventry.

Below is a list that I’ve started of things that might be sent. I’d like you to add to this list, please comment and Tweet me if you’d like.

Also, if you think you have any of these things and would like to send them, please let me know.

Map of Coventry 2013
Official Twinning documents and relevant documents from the Local Authority Archives
Pressed flowers
Ariel photograph of Coventry
Map of Coventry 1944 (the year of Twinning with Volgograd)
Post war plans of Coventry
Photographs of Coventry now
Five most common items in a supermarket
Hand dug clay
A list of wastelands in Coventry
Coventry Art Trail
Train timetable
Posters and pamphlets of art events in Coventry now
History books
Dissertations and research papers
A poem
A song
A promise
Typical school timetable
A length of ribbon
A selection of newspapers
List of parks in Coventry
A sample of earth
Sky Blues game programme
Walking routes
A former library book
List of groups and clubs


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