AIRMAIL / авиапочта

Airmail / aviapochta is an exhibition of art work and research from eight Coventry artists that I’m curating for Coventry City Council and the Museum of Fine Arts in Volgograd, Russia. The exhibition will complement a programme of formal conversations between myself and Volgograd’s curators, artists and city officials about the ongoing opportunities for artistic collaborations between our twinned cities.

Airmail / aviapochta will begin on Thursday 9th May 2013 as Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) observes Russia’s national Victory Day. It will mark this occasion by launching the exhibition, which is part of the Vita-Art-Time festival and is informed by the messages of hope sent from women in Coventry to Volgograd during WWII.

Part permanent record of artists making work in Coventry now, part resource to fuel conversations between the twinned cities and part 2013 time-capsule, Airmail / aviapochta will reproduce eight original art works as limited edition stamps, used to post historical and contemporary research information about Coventry to the Museum of Fine Arts. Each uniquely stamped package arriving at the museum will be opened and presented as part of the exhibition, becoming a literal resource for the conversation programme and a nod to the essential and enduring nature of art and twinning.

From Volgograd, I will post back research resources for Coventry, intended to inform future art programmes that strengthen the twinning relationship and connections between the two cities.

A public conversation in Coventry will be scheduled later in the year and more information will be posted after artists are announced on March 28th.


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